Leo vs Potty training Pt. 2

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Since Leo vs Potty training Pt. 1, we’ve slowly made development on Leo’s potty training. It feels like it has been 2 steps ahead as well as 1 step back. We no longer bring him from our apartment to the potty spot, less since we were positive he wouldn’t pee on the method down, more so since he was packing on the pounds—quickly.

However, Leo will still have mishaps at random, which are completely our fault. We keep making the error believing he’s far more potty trained than he truly is. testing his pee-holding capabilities is a extremely very fine line. I honestly don’t understand what I would do without the Pet odor Eliminator or the discolor Remover, particularly since we gave Leo a bit as well much flexibility around the home a bit as well quickly. Luckily, with both the discolor as well as odor removers, he has yet to have an mishap in the exact same area twice. That must mean that he’s slowly learning, right?

We believe he understands where he’s supposed to go (thanks to the constant cheers as well as benefits he gets when he potties outside), as well as any type of mishap is our fault for pushing his limit just over the line. At this point, we’re just trying to gauge exactly how long he can be free in the home without an accident. At first, we would only enable him free regime for as much as one hour, as well as now, we can confidently let him go for two hours without a potty break. It’s the bit things.

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